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Team Shops

In our Team Shop section, we offer the unique opportunity for teams to establish their own stores in two distinct formats: Open and Private Team Stores.

Open Team Stores allow you to sell your team’s merchandise to a wider audience. This is a fantastic way to showcase your team spirit and earn revenue from each sale. We collaborate with you to set up a commission structure for each item sold, ensuring a beneficial partnership.

Private Team Stores, on the other hand, are exclusively designed for your team, featuring various products specially crafted for your members.

These items come with pre-applied discounts, which you’ll benefit from right from your first order. For any subsequent purchases, additional items are available at the discounted price.

Furthermore, teams have the flexibility to request the creation of new products, such as hoodies, t-shirts, or other apparel necessary for the team. We will design and add these items to your store, also at a discounted rate.

To either register your own store or log in to an existing one, simply scroll down. This service is designed to make it easy for teams to manage their gear and apparel needs efficiently while also providing an avenue for fundraising through merchandise sales.

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