Custom Paintball Jersey

49,90 $106,93 $

Custom Paintball Jersey with your name
Custom Paintball Jersey 49,90 $106,93 $


Our custom-printed paintball jersey is a product of a 10-year collaboration with leading teams. The design and choice of materials have evolved over the years to ultimately create the most sophisticated paintball jersey.

With our configurator, you can customize the jersey to meet your team’s requirements. Various types of padding, reinforcements, and fabrics are available. You can also add gloves and other elements. Pay only for the features that are important to you, optimizing costs and the functionality of the jersey according to your needs.

Jersey Clinic has designed and produced paintball jerseys for most of the well-known brands worldwide. Our knowledge and experience have been key in creating paintball jerseys that set industry standards.

Adding nicknames, numbers, and team logos is completely free. You can send us your design, choose from our free designs, or commission us to create a jersey from scratch.

Main Features
  • Used by the world’s top paintball teams
  • Technical design for the most demanding players
  • Optional elements:
    • Several fabric types to choose from, including mesh and waterproof fabric
    • Chest and elbow pads
    • Cordura reinforcements
    • Gloves
  • Snag-resistant mesh
  • Sleeves finished with soft elastic
  • Fully printed
  • Personalized according to your requirements
  • Unlimited graphic design possibilities
  • Indelible print using sublimation method, not restricting the shirt’s properties in any way
  • Highest quality craftsmanship
Production Time

We are among the few with our own production line, not relying on subcontractors. We can deliver a personalized product as soon as the next day. The average production time is only a few days!

Washing and Maintenance

We recommend hand washing inside out at 40 degrees Celsius, without using harsh detergents. Shake off the water from the washed product and leave it to dry in a ventilated area. Do not wash with sharp objects like Velcro or zippers!

This product will be personalized according to your requirements. After purchase, we will reach out to you to discuss the details

ⓘ The default jersey configuration includes: ‘Fisheye‘ fabric for the main panels, while the side panels are made with printed mesh.

Size Charts

Paintball Jerseys – sizing in centimeters

Paintball Jersey Sizing chart
Sizing table paintball jerseys in centimeters

Paintball Jerseys – sizing in inches

Paintball Jersey Sizing chart
Sizing table paintball jerseys in inches


Fisheye Fabric


Knitted fabric with a weight of 210g. Its porous surface excels at wicking away moisture. This is the primary material ideally suited for paintball. We have been consistently using it since 2012. It is highly resistant to contact with Velcro.

Back Mesh Fabric

Mesh – Back panel

This fabric is tailor-made to our specific requirements. It’s exceptionally durable, stretchy, and can withstand snagging from Velcro. Its large mesh design allows for excellent breathability. If used as a back panel, this fabric enhances heat dissipation significantly. It’s especially effective during hot weather or in indoor gaming environments.

Full mesh jersey

Full Mesh

If minimal weight and maximum breathability are priorities, we can make the jersey entirely out of mesh. Despite its open structure and excellent ventilation, the fabric is strong enough to withstand slides. You don’t need to worry about mechanical damage. We’ve ensured that our mesh performs exceptionally well under all conditions.

AquaTech Fabric


Specialized fabric with a smooth structure and hydrophobic properties. It is incredibly lightweight and durable, with liquids almost magically gliding over its surface. This patented fabric elevates your jersey to an entirely new level. It’s easy to forget you’re wearing anything at all. The most advanced material in the world of paintball!

Cordura Fabric

Reinforcement – Cordura

Reinforced elbows are almost a mandatory addition to every jersey. They significantly enhance durability in critical areas. We use them on the elbows, they are fully printed, and can withstand numerous slides. Our fabric undergoes regular Martindale tests, achieving results in the range of 100,000 – 150,000 cycles before the fabric shows wear. It is the most durable fabric. We recommend its use wherever maximum durability is essential.


Chest Padding

Chest padding

Within the chest area, we can add a special T25 density foam. This proves to be very effective as protection against paintballs and reduces the chances of them breaking upon impact. By using colorless thread, the stitching of the padding does not interfere with the jersey’s appearance. However, each additional padding increases the weight of the jersey and decreases its breathability factor.

Elbow padding

Elbow padding

We can incorporate elbow padding made from T25 foam. This addition significantly improves comfort in gameplay and during sliding movements. The softness of the foam lessens the likelihood of paintball breakage and helps to mitigate the discomfort from hits. These paddings are particularly effective when combined with Cordura reinforcements.



The age-old dilemma of playing with or without gloves has been solved. We’ve decided to offer the option to add or remove gloves from your jerseys. Our gloves are constructed from multiple layers. The top layer features a protector that softens the impact of paintball hits, while the lower part is made of a very strong fabric, ideal for slides. Additionally, the glove helps keep the sleeve in the correct position, preventing it from twisting

Additional information

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 5 cm
Fabric: No selection

Fisheye, Back Mesh, Full Mesh, AquaTech®

Padding: No selection

None, Elbow, Chest, Chest & Elbow

Gloves: No selection

None, Yes, add gloves

Cordura Elbows: No selection

None, Yes